Do you know a lot of knowledge about fire blankets?

December 13, 2021
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Do you know a lot of knowledge about fire blankets?


1. What is a fire blanket?

Fire blankets can also be called fire quilts, fire blankets, flame retardant blankets, and escape blankets. They are fabrics woven from glass fiber and other materials through special treatment, which can isolate heat sources and flames. It can be used to extinguish the fire in a frying pan or to drape on a person's body to escape.


2. What is the principle of a fire blanket?

The fire extinguishing principle of the fire blanket is to cover the fire source, block the air, and cover the fire blanket on the burning objects so that the combustion cannot be extinguished by oxygen support, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire. It is suitable for the kitchens of families and restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations, and other places prone to fire.


3, the steps of using the fire blanket

Daily fix or place the fire blanket on a wall or drawer that is more conspicuous and can be quickly accessed.

In the early stage of a fire, quickly take out the fire blanket and hold two black drawstrings with both hands.

Gently shake the fire blanket away, cover the flame, and cut off the power or air source at the same time.

After the burning object is extinguished and the fire blanket cools down, wrap the blanket into a ball and treat it as non-burnable garbage.


4, the advantages of fire blankets

The fire blanket has no expiration date, no secondary pollution, insulation, high-temperature resistance, and is easy to carry. Because the fire blanket is a soft fire-fighting appliance, it can extinguish the fire with oxygen at the fastest speed, control the spread of the disaster, and can also be used as a protective product for timely escape.


5. Application of fire blanket

1. In the event of a fire, put a fire escape blanket on your own body or wrap the body of the rescued object, and quickly escape from the fire scene, which provides good help for self-rescue or safe evacuation of people.

2. A simple and convenient initial fire extinguishing tool for enterprises, shopping malls, ships, automobiles, civil buildings, and other occasions.