Do you know the application of fiberglass cloth in various fields?

November 2, 2021
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Do you know the application of fiberglass cloth in various fields?
Glass fiber cloth is a glass fabric woven from glass fibers through various organizations. Fiberglass cloth is not afraid of acid, alkali, cold, rot, moisture, and moth. It has many advantages. It seems that no material can be as comprehensive and economical as fiberglass cloth. Generally, we use fiberglass cloth as a fireproof material for home decoration, but in fact, fiberglass cloth also plays a huge role in other fields.
In recent years, many factories have used fiberglass cloth instead of cotton cloth and sackcloth to make packaging bags. This kind of bag is not moldy or rotten, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, durable, very popular, and can save a lot of cotton and linen. The large glass wall covering with exquisite patterns is pasted on the wall with adhesive. It is beautiful and free of painting and maintenance. If it is dirty, just wipe it with a cloth, and the wall will be clean again.
Glass fiber is both insulating and heat-resistant, so it is a very insulating material. At present, most of our country's motor and electrical appliance factories have adopted a large number of glass fibers as insulating materials. A 6000-kilowatt steam turbine generator has more than 1,800 insulating parts made of glass fiber! Due to the use of glass fiber as the insulating material, it not only improves the performance of the motor, but also reduces the size of the motor, and also reduces the cost of the motor, which is really three birds with one stone. Another important use of glass fiber is to cooperate with plastics to manufacture various glass fiber composite materials. For example, immersing layers of fiberglass cloth in hot-melt plastic and pressing it to form becomes the famous "Glass Reinforced Plastic". FRP is even tougher than steel, it will not rust and corrosion, and its weight is only a quarter of the same volume of steel.
Therefore, the use of fiberglass cloth to manufacture the shells of ships, cars, trains and machine parts can not only save a lot of steel, but also reduce the weight of the cars and ships, which greatly increases the effective load. Since it will not rust, many maintenance costs can be avoided.
The emergence of fiberglass cloth has greatly reduced the production and maintenance costs for many factories. At the same time, it has also saved and replaced some precious resources. I hope that experts and scholars can develop more such good products that are beneficial to the people.