Do you know where to buy the summer camping fireproof cloth ?

March 15, 2022
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Protect Deck Or Patio: No matter where your fire pit pad is located, you can be assured that Suntex heat shield for wood deck, fire pit, grass will be the perfect deck or patio protector for you. Protects up to 550°C!
Protect Ground Surfaces: Your deck or patio, whether it’s wood, concrete, stone, or composite, will be protected from heat damage when you use our round fireproof mat.
Suntex Have the Size You Need: Simply select the size most appropriate for your project! Have a 24” firepit? Choose our 36-inch fire pit mat for full protection.
Cool to the Touch: Even if you’re barefoot on your deck at the lake, pool, or beach, you can safely walk on the ember mat - it’s also resistant to the chemicals, so rain, snow, and pounding sunshine won’t ruin it.
Build a Fire Responsibly: Never take chances when you build a fire in your fire pit or grill! Always be safe to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors! This amazing fireproof mat will ensure safety! Buy it today!

--fireproof, oil, and waterproof
--high-temperature resistance
--high strength
--durable, long-lasting
--excellent chemical stability
--excellent thermal resistance capability