Fiberglass Fire Blanket

September 16, 2020
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Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Product description:
Fiberglass fire blanket is made of high-temperature, high-thickness, tightly woven fiberglass cloth through surface treatment. It has a compact structure and high temperature resistance, which can well protect objects away from heat and sparks, and completely prevent combustion. Or isolate and burn. It is suitable for industrial welding protection and civil fire protection isolation protection, effectively preventing high temperature sparks generated by electric welding or fire from causing harm to people or objects in adjacent areas.

Fire-resistant blankets are soft and tough. They are ideal for wrapping uneven surfaces and equipment. They can also replace fire-resistant fabrics with low fire-resistant temperatures. It is an economical fire barrier and fire curtain.
Small and medium glass fiber fireproof blankets can be used as civilian fireproof blankets, which are widely used in kitchens, large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, gas stations, etc. It has the advantages of being convenient to carry and easy to operate.

The electric welding fire blanket can withstand high temperatures up to 1700 degrees, and can be widely used in the construction and repair of ship frames in the shipbuilding industry; it can be used in petrochemical companies for heat insulation, insulation and welding of metal structures, showing good protection Adaptability. It can also be used in large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other public entertainment places for hot construction: such as welding, cutting and blocking, and ensuring the safety of human life and the integrity of property. Compared with asbestos, there is no risk of cancer. 


Fire blankets can be applied to:
Mainly used for fire protection measures in hotels, homes, kitchens, schools, large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, office buildings, gas stations, automobiles, government units, factories and other places

Features of fireproof blankets:
1. Better abrasion resistance and good film forming on the cloth surface.
2. It is a simple initial fire extinguishing tool with good fire resistance and flame retardant effect
3. The product is relatively soft and not irritating
4. The air tightness is better, and the fire and fire effect will be better
5. It can effectively prevent the spread of fire and fire escape
6. In line with national standards, no unqualified phenomena and records are found in the annual sampling rate
7. Metal buttonhole, convenient to hang
8. Exquisite edging, no thread, no tie, good economy.
9. Fire and high temperature resistance, reinforced handle, not easy to drop
10. Economical and durable, the hemming process is not easy to loosen
11. Convenient and fast. When encountering an open flame, pull the strap with both hands and pull down to take out the blanket


Simple operation and convenient use:
When a fire source is found, a fire blanket can be covered on the fire source to extinguish the fire source, reducing the damage to the human body and property
1. Fix or place the fire blanket on a wall or drawer that is more conspicuous and can be quickly accessed.
2. When a fire occurs, quickly take out the fire blanket and hold two black pull straps in two colors.
3. Gently shake the fire blanket away and hold it in your hand as a shield
4. Lightly cover the fire blanket on the flame, and cut off the power or air source at the same time
5. The fire blanket continues to cover the burning object, and active fire-fighting measures are taken until the burning object is extinguished.
6. After the fire is extinguished and the fire blanket cools down, wrap the blanket into a ball and treat it as non-burnable garbage.
7. If the person is on fire, shake the blanket away, wrap the person on fire to extinguish the fire source, and quickly call the emergency number