How to use Suntex Fire Blanket?

July 2, 2024
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This is a startling example of thermal runaway, showing the potential dangers of electric vehicles and why traditionally sized parking spaces need to be revisited due to the risk of fire spreading. Always be respectful of lithium batteries and understand the dangers that can occur. Lithium battery car fire blankets are important!

Suntex car fire blanket is a safety device designed to control fires that may occur in a vehicle. It is a non-flammable sheet made of fire-resistant materials, such as fiberglass or fire-retardant fabric.

In case of a fire, the blanket is used to smother the flames by covering them completely, cutting off the oxygen supply and suppressing the fire. Car fire blankets are compact, easy to store, and can be quickly accessed in case of emergencies. They are a valuable safety tool to have in a vehicle.

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How to use Suntex Fire Blanket?

1. Place the blanket on the ground in front of the burning car and unroll the blanket.

how to use car fire blanket step 1

2. Take the blanket by the handles at the ends and slide it over the car until it’s completely covered.

how to use car fire blanket step 2

3. Adjust the excess of the blanket towards the underside of the vehicle by feet until it is completely “sealed”. It is important that air can not enter through the underside of the vehicle.

how to use car fire blanket step 3