Suntex Acrylic Coated Fabric

April 23, 2023
Latest company news about Suntex  Acrylic Coated Fabric
This general purpose welding fabric is used for light duty blankets, curtains, and heat shields.
Suntex products include Acrylic Coated Fabric,fiberglass cloth, high-temp textiles for thermal insulation, fire resistance, welding protection.Acrylic coated fiberglass cloth uses high-temperature resistant fiberglass cloth as basic fabric, then coated with acrylic on both sides.Acrylic coated fiberglass fabrics for thermal insulation materials.The acrylic coated fiberglass cloth has excellent performances of weather resistance, high temperature resistance and UV radiation resistance.
Acrylic coated fiberglass is a medium weight texturized fiberglass fabric, acrylic weave set to finish- high add-on, provide good hand, minimal dust, and ease of application.
It’s designed for flexible expansion joint, removable jackets, welding protection, and other types of fire protection needs.
Acrylic coated fiberglass has excellent high temperature resistance up to temp. 5500C,self-extinguishes in 2 seconds when moving away from fire.
Acrylic treatment reduces the airborne of glass, improves mechanical performance. It is asbestos-free, no harm to human beings or animals.
Except for black colors, other colors available.