The Applications of Silicone Coated Glass Cloth-Silicone Fabric Manufacturer

July 15, 2021
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    Fireproof silicone coated fiberglass fabric is based on glass fiber cloth. Through the processes of scraping, dipping, rolling, calendering, and laminating, the silicone coating material is evenly distributed on the surface of the fiberglass fabric, and then dried and high-temperature heat vulcanized. It is made into a high-performance fire-resistant cloth with fire-retardant, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Fireproof silicone coated fiberglass is a kind of silicone fabric used in chemical plants, oil refineries, smelting metallurgy, ports, ships, industrial hot water and steam transportation, vehicles, medical treatment, diving, food, fire protection and other industries. Silicone coated fiberglass is used to flexible connector, fabric expansion joint, non-metallic expansion joints, removable insulation jackets, energy-saving insulation cover, equipment insulation jacket, various pipes with special-shaped insulation, equipment insulation, fire blankets, welding blankets, fabric air distribution ducts, fire curtain, etc.


    For example, fireproof silicone coated fiberglass cloth has the characteristics of fireproof, heat insulation, thermal insulation, good elasticity and flexibility, no asbestos carcinogens, good mechanical processability and high strength. It can be made into insulating cloth, sleeve and other products, suitable for cable fire protection. It can effectively prevent the fire from spreading along the cable, and can effectively avoid the loss of people's lives and property. Fireproof silicone impregnated cloth also has the characteristics of good air sealing, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, light weight, and convenient use. It can quickly expand and carbonize to form a fire barrier with a certain thickness and strength in the process of expansion and carbonization. It absorbs heat and achieves the purpose of preventing fire, heat insulation and smoke. It is a fire-resistant and flame-retardant material for power cable facilities. Silicone fireproof cloth can also be used as the basic material for flexible expansion joints and flexible fabric connector. It can solve the damage to pipeline connections caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Fireproof silicone coated fabric can be used as the internal and external anti-corrosion layer of pipelines and storage tanks. It has excellent anti-corrosion performance and high strength. It is an economical and affordable anti-corrosion material. However, in terms of anti-corrosion and anti-static, it is still polytetrafluoroethylene coated fiberglass cloth (PTFE high temperature fabric) It is stronger, but the price of PTFE high temperature cloth will be much higher than that of silicone coated fiberglass fabric. If the economic cost allows, users can also use PTFE coated fiberglass cloth. Silicone coated fabrics is also a flexible material used to make fire curtains and smoke curtain. Generally, there are many thicknesses of smoke-proof hanging wall cloths, the thin type is 0.4mm, 0.5 mm, and the thick type is 0.7mm, 0.8 mm. Fireproof silicone coated glass fabric is also widely used in electric welding and fire protection, such as shipbuilding, large steel structure and power maintenance on-site welding protection, gas cutting protective equipment, chemical industry, metallurgy, theaters and other ventilation and fire protection and protection products, such as fire blankets, workshop heat insulation fire curtains, welding blankets, fire blankets, fire-resistant gloves, fire-resistant clothing, etc. Silicone rubber coated glass fiber fireproof cloth is also used in construction sealing materials, high-temperature anti-corrosion conveyor belts, packaging materials and other fields.


Common specifications of silicone fireproof cloth: 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm (can be customized according to customer requirements).


Conventional colors: silver gray, gray, red, white, black, blue, yellow, green, orange, other colors can also be customized.


Width: 1 meter, 1.2 meters (can be customized according to customer requirements).


Roll length: 50 meters 100 meters (can be customized according to customer requirements).


Packing: carton, woven bag, plastic film (can be customized according to customer requirements).