What are Fiberglass Ropes ?

April 6, 2022

High Quality 30mm Fiberglass Braided Ropes For Heat Sealing For Oven Furnaces.


SUNTEX offers a variety of Fiberglass Rope products; Our high-temperature ropes insulate and seal against heat. They are used for gaskets and wicking, as oven door seals, or as drawstrings for industrial removable insulation jackets, as well as high-temperature industrial packing and expansion joints.


Our fiberglass rope is constructed of high-quality Type E Fiberglass yarns, knitted into both soft and dense rope forms. Fiberglass rope will not burn and is suitable for use in continuous temperatures to 1000°F (540°C).


Applications include:

· Gasketing and wicking applications

· Oven door seals

· Drawstring for removable insulation jackets


Suntex Composite Industrial Co.Ltd. is specialized in making safe heat-resistant textiles.

Our factory location is in Jiangsu, China, which has a strong tradition of textile making combined with an experienced workforce.

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