What are the characteristics of fireproof cloth?

February 14, 2022
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There are many kinds of fireproof cloth, different materials can be processed into different protective fabrics, generally divided into ordinary fireproof coated glass fiber cloth, asbestos fireproof cloth, silicone coated glass fiber cloth, ceramic fiber fireproof cloth, Silica fireproof cloth, aluminum fireproof cloth, ceramic fiber fireproof cloth, etc.

What are the characteristics of fireproof cloth?

1. It can withstand high temperature of 550-1100 ℃, non-flammable, precise, and meticulous structure, and will not deform and rot after long-term use;

2. The finished fireproof cloth has no irritating taste and is safe for the human body;

3. The fireproof cloth is soft in texture and good in toughness and is not easy to shred when wrapping uneven objects or equipment.

4. Protect flammable objects away from hot spots and spark areas to achieve isolation and prevent combustion.

What are the applications of fireproof cloth?

The fireproof cloth is used for the electric smoke-blocking wall, which is soft in texture and easy to lift.

Fireproof cloth is used in welding places, which can resist splashes such as sparks and slag, isolate flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods, realize the separation of work areas, eliminate danger, and establish a safe and clean working space.

The fireproof cloth can be widely used in structural repair in the shipbuilding industry and in the places where the frame needs to be welded in the petrochemical enterprise.

Fireproof cloth can also be made into the inner lining or outer packaging in refractory products, and fireproof auxiliary materials for roof and interior decoration in building decoration.