What are the characteristics of removable equipment insulation cover?

December 23, 2021
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The traditional method of equipment insulation is to wrap insulation cotton outside the equipment and install galvanized iron sheet or winding glass cloth. After the equipment is overhauled, the insulation cannot be reused.


The removable equipment insulation cover is made of high-temperature-resistant cloth, thermal insulation cotton, and waterproof and temperature resistant cloth as raw materials. It is made of high-temperature-resistant thread sewing. The joints are equipped with sewn expanded fiberglass tape, Japanese buckle, and expanded fiberglass tape. And fasten it to form an equipment insulation cover. The structure of the equipment heat preservation can be made more reasonable, and the detachable equipment heat preservation sleeve not only has a good heat preservation effect but also can be reused, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

The removable equipment insulation cover has the following characteristics:

Low cost. Compared with traditional valve and pipe insulation, the cost is saved. The secondary utilization rate of the traditional equipment insulation sleeve is almost zero. The flexible removable insulation cover can be used multiple times, and it will not be caused by equipment modification and machine disassembly and assembly. The insulation layer destroys the unusable status quo.

The effect of heat preservation and energy-saving is excellent. A lot of practice has proved that the energy-saving effect can reach about 25%-40% under normal circumstances.


Convenient disassembly and assembly, no special requirements, easy installation and disassembly, convenient maintenance, and partial disassembly during equipment maintenance without delaying production time. The removable equipment insulation cover has a neat appearance, no water, oil, moisture, and easy cleaning and scrubbing.


Precautions for use: 1. Slowly pull open along the direction of the opening during installation and disassembly, and no rough operation is allowed! 2. Do not contact objects with barbed thorns to avoid puncturing the insulation cover of the equipment.