What are the usage and taboos of fire blankets?

February 21, 2022
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What are the usage and taboos of fire blankets?

1. Put the fire blanket on the wall or drawer that is more conspicuous and easy to take;

2. Quickly take out the fire blanket when the fire just started, and hold the two pull straps with both hands;

3. Shake off the fire blanket gently, cover the fire blanket on the flame, and cut off the power supply at the same time;

4. When the fire blanket is covered on the burning object, take fire extinguishing measures until the burning object is completely extinguished.

What are the ways to use fire blankets?

1. Industrial safety: Sparks usually appear in steel plants, electric welding, boiler rooms, etc., which are easy to cause fires, so fire blankets need to be used on these occasions. It can resist spark spatter, welding spatter, etc., separate the working layer, and eliminate the fire hazard caused by welding work.

2. Earthquake escape: Fold the fire blanket and put it on the head. The fire blanket is elastic, which can reduce the impact of falling objects and can be used for earthquake escape.

3. Initial fire extinguishing: In the early stage of fire, the fire blanket can be covered on the fire source or the object on fire, and the fire source can be quickly extinguished in a short time.

4. Fire escape: wrap the fire blanket on your body and wear a smoke mask to quickly get out of the fire. The fire blanket can effectively isolate the flame, reduce the high temperature of the fire, and avoid harm to the body.

5. The method of folding the fire blanket: Use two hands to hold the pull belt of the fire blanket, then lay the fire blanket flat, fold the opposite side of the fire blanket with the strap to the side with the strap, fold it in half twice, then fold the left side of the fire blanket to the right.

What are the precautions for the use and storage of fire blankets?

1. The fire blanket is usually best placed in a conspicuous place in the home. In the event of a fire, you can get the fire blanket as quickly as possible.

2. If the fire blanket is not damaged when extinguishing the flame, it can be reused many times.

3. After extinguishing the fire object, if the fire blanket is damaged, the fire blanket can be rolled up and treated as non-combustible garbage after the fire blanket has cooled.