What are the use methods and precautions of fire blankets?

February 18, 2022
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What are the use methods and precautions of fire blankets?

Fire blankets or fire quilts, flame retardant blankets, escape blankets are fabrics made of fiberglass and other materials after treatment. You can isolate heat and flames, so how do you use a fire blanket?



1. Fix or place the fire blanket on the wall or drawer, which is eye-catching and can be reached quickly.

2. When a fire occurs, quickly take out the fire blanket and grab the two black pull straps with both hands, shake the fire blanket gently, and hold it as a shield in your hand to cover the flame, and cut off the power or gas source at the same time.

3. The fire blanket continues to cover the burning object, and fire fighting measures should be taken until the burning object is extinguished.

4. After extinguishing the fire, the fire blanket cools down. Wrap the fire blanket into a ball and treat it as non-burnable trash, shaking the blanket away if a person catches fire. Wrap it up to put out the fire and call the fire department quickly.


Fire escape: Wrap a fire blanket around your body and put on a gas mask to get out of the fire quickly. The fire blanket can isolate the flame and reduce the high temperature of the fire.

Earthquake Escape: The fire blanket is folded and worn over the head, using its thick, flexible structure to reduce the impact of falling objects.


Applicable places:

Because of the excellent properties of fire blankets, they are suitable for domestic kitchens, elderly rooms, school dormitories, wards, entertainment venues, hotels, high-rise commercial, and residential buildings, nursing homes, child welfare homes, residential communities, factory dormitories, large shopping places, booths, internet cafes, cars, gas stations, temples, prison accommodation, and densely populated places, etc.



Please place the product securely in a convenient place (for example, behind an interior door, inside a bedside table, kitchen wall, car trunk, etc.) and familiarize yourself with its use, check the fire blanket every twelve months; if the fire blanket is damaged or contamination, please replace it immediately.


The above mainly introduces the use methods and precautions of fire blankets, I hope to help everyone!