What do you know about fire blankets?

March 3, 2022
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What do you know about fire blankets?

The glass fiber fire blanket is made of high temperature resistant, high thickness, tightly woven glass fiber cloth after surface treatment. It has a tight organizational structure and high-temperature resistance.

It is suitable for industrial welding protection and civil fire protection isolation protection, effectively preventing high-temperature sparks generated by welding or fire from causing damage to people or objects in adjacent areas.

The fire blanket is soft and tough and is an ideal choice for wrapping uneven surfaces and equipment. It can also replace fire-resistant fabrics with low fire-resistance temperatures.

Small and medium-sized fiberglass fire blankets can be used as civilian fire blankets, which are widely used in kitchens, large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, gas stations, etc. It has the advantages of being easy to carry and easy to operate.

Suntex Industrial fire blankets are made from fiberglass woven fabrics and are able to withstand temperatures up to 550C. Totally asbestos-free.The blankets are well suited for welding, grinding spark, and spatter protection for industries, gas stations, warehouses, building ground.