What do you know about fire blankets?

June 21, 2022
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The most comprehensive fire-fighting oil pan fire extinguishing tutorial in history, you will not panic when you encounter a fire after reading it!
The world does not know how many oil pan fires are caused by cooking in the kitchen every year, so how can we do it safely, effectively, and quickly?
First of all, you must not splash fire with water, this is common sense.
The safest and quickest method of operation is to cover the flame directly with a lid, put out the fire with soda powder, put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, put out the fire with a fire blanket, etc.
Today we mainly talk about fire blankets.
When it comes to fire blankets, you must have many questions, such as what material is the fire blanket made of? Will it hurt to touch the fire blanket? Which general household fire blanket to buy is better?
The commonly used fire blankets in our homes are glass fiber fire blankets. Because glass fiber fire blankets are very soft fire-fighting appliances, the silicone coating is not sticky. In the initial stage of a fire, it can block oxygen to extinguish the fire at the fastest speed, control the spread of the disaster, and can also be used as a protective object for timely escape. In the process, the human body can be well protected.