What do you know about the fire blankets?

April 18, 2022
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What do you know about the fire blankets? What is the purpose of fire blankets? Does the fire-safe blanket work? When should you not use a fire blanket? Are our fire blankets reusable?


1:Kitchen fire blankets

Suntex fire blankets are made from premium fiber glass woven fabrics, coated on both sides and stitched with Kevlar.

No itch to the skin, impermeable and lightweight. Used on fires involving flammable liquids, and small fires in the kitchen.

Sizes available: 1.0m x1.0m 1.2mx1.2m 1.2x1.8m


2:Industrial fire blankets

Suntex Industrial fire blankets are made from fiberglass woven fabrics and can withstand temperatures up to 550C.

The blankets are well suited for welding, grinding spark, and spatter protection for industries, gas stations, warehouses, and building ground.

Roll form or prefabricated blankets are available.

Blanket sizes available:1.0mx1.0m 1.2mx1.2m 1.2x1.8m 1.5x1.8m 1.8x1.8m.