What is a PU coated fabric?

April 19, 2023
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What is a PU coated fabric?
PU coated fabric is fiberglass cloth coated with PU (polyurethane) on the surface to meet customer demands. Glass fiber mat coating as a kind of new energy-saving materials, widely used in the face. Suntex is a factory which produce fiberglass products and fiberglass composite materials.
This fire-resistant fiberglass fabric is made of fiberglass fabric and polyurethane coating. It has many excellent characteristics such as excellent fire resistance. excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, anti-ultraviolet, and mechanical properties. It can be used continuously at 180℃. Suntex can supply other colors according to customers' requirements.

Features: good rebound resilience, toughness, softness, superior resistance to wear, cold, oil, water, aging, and weather.

Application: welding & fire protection, thermal insulation jackets, mattress, expansion joint belt, protective scrim of insulation wool, composite reinforcemen.