What is glass fiber?What is the safety protection of glass fiber?

December 6, 2021
Latest company news about What is glass fiber?What is the safety protection of glass fiber?

When we are doing daily home improvement, we often see all kinds of building materials that we do not touch in ordinary life, and glass fiber is one of them, as a kind of inorganic non-metal with a wide range of applications and excellent performance. There are many types of materials in practical applications. So, what exactly is glass fiber? Let Suntex take you to find out.

First,What is glass fiber


Professionally speaking, glass fiber belongs to inorganic non-metallic materials. It is a kind of building material widely used in production and life. Nowadays, there are countless types of glass fiber sold in the market according to different purposes. However, the comprehensive characteristics of glass fiber It is what they have in common: both insulation and heat resistance is much better than other materials, and their mechanical strength is also high and corrosion-resistant. But it also has a weakness that cannot be ignored, that is, it is brittle and not wear-resistant. Because it is made of glass balls and some waste glass materials, the diameter of its monofilament has reached the order of micrometers. Not as thick or thin as our human hair, as a reinforcing material in composite materials, it has gradually been used in various fields of heat preservation and insulation materials.


Second, What is the safety protection of glass fiber?


When manufacturing or using glass fiber, we should pay attention to the following: When glass fiber accidentally splashes into the eyes, immediately wash with a large amount of water and ask professional doctors for treatment; in the process of use Wear special protective clothing; do not inhale the dust of glass fiber; avoid direct contact of glass fiber with human skin and eyes.

Having said so much, I don’t know if you have a clear understanding of the glass fiber of different products. You should know that with the development of the network now, there are already many glass fiber sales and businesses on the Internet. You may wish to order online is much easier than finding it in a physical store.