What is the best way to keep steam pipes insulated?

February 7, 2022
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In the industrial field, in order to save energy and reduce energy consumption, it is often necessary to take some thermal insulation measures for hot fluid transmission pipelines. Now the usual practice is to coat a layer of insulation jacket on the outside of pipes and other parts to reduce heat dissipation and achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

The flexible and removable thermal insulation cover can be customized with various thermal insulation layers according to different shapes of equipment. The product has good thermal insulation performance, long service life, and is not easy to age, which greatly improves the utilization rate and reduces maintenance costs. The product has good toughness and is easy to bend and connect. It can greatly improve the working environment, reduce the temperature of the working environment, and it is important to prevent accidents from happening to the staff.

Many pipes need to be dismantled and repaired. The insulation cover is attached with Velcro on the outer protective layer. The Velcro wraps the soft and detachable insulation cover on the outside of the pipe. The detachable thermal insulation cover is further fixed so that the fixed strength of the soft detachable thermal insulation cover is high, and the disassembly and assembly are convenient.