What is the difference between a stage fire curtain and a fire shutter?

October 29, 2021
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What is the difference between a stage fire curtain and a fire shutter?

In order to prevent fire from spreading and expanding in the building, necessary fire separation measures must be taken. Fire partitions such as fire curtains and fire shutters can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity, and heat insulation within a certain period of time so that the building space is divided into several fire compartments so that once a fire occurs in each fire compartment, it will not spread and expand outside within a certain period of time, so as to effectively control the fire and create good conditions for fire fighting. Therefore, fire curtains and fire shutters are widely used in stage design.

Fire-proof curtains are not fire-fighting facilities but have certain fire-proof performance. Fire-proof curtains can be used on the main and side prosceniums of various theater stages. Stage fire-proof curtains are metal barriers separating the stage and the auditorium.

The fire shutter is a kind of fire separation facility, which is usually used in the division of fire compartments. When a fire occurs, it can fall automatically to prevent the fire from spreading.

The fire-resistant time of fire-resistant curtains is much shorter than that of fire-resistant roller shutters. The fire curtain is special equipment for the safety and fire protection of the theater. It is divided into a lifting rigid fire curtain and a rolling fire curtain. It is set on the inside of the stage building and between the rostrum and the backstage. It is a metal barrier separating the stage from the auditorium. . Fire shutters have been widely used in construction fire protection due to their beauty, concealment, and convenient use.


And do you know fire curtain?

Fire curtain is designed to be used in combination with automatic sprinkler systems and smoke vents to control fire and smoke to limit property damage and safely evacuate an audience in the event of a fire and save lives. Common fire curtains include static fire containment curtain, automatic fire curtain, flexible commercial fire and smoke curtains, aluminized curtains for heat shielding, welding curtains for spark protection, high temperature curtains, elevator smoke curtains, draft curtains, vertically deploying fire and smoke curtains, folding fire and smoke curtains, safety curtains, etc.


As a fireproof insulation cloth manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, it is Suntex duty of responsibility to create safer, more economical and environmentally friendly fireproof curtain materials for the society. Suntex fire curtain materials from light duty to high duty, 60 minutes to 180 minutes, can totally meet EN13501 rules. our basic fabrics are e-glass fabric, E-glass fabric with s.s wire reinforced, or high silica fabric. Coatings are PU, silicone, aluminum, silica, or graphite. Their coating is formulated with inorganic materials and will not produce hazardous outgassing. Suntex has been tested to ensure they exceed nationally recognized fire codes. Suntex fabrics are successfully equipped to many fire curtain brands to service lots of customers, protect their property and life.



1. High temperature resistance up to 1200℃.

2. Strong fire resistant, good smoke and gas sealing.

3. good tear strength resistance, high strength, good puncture resistance​.

4. High stability, Durable.

5. Chemical resistance, oilproof, waterproof.

6. No harm to human body, asbestos free, halogen free.

7. Environmentally friendly.



Fireproof curtain, welding curtain, smoke curtain, fire barrier, splash shields, fire containment blankets, fire containment cover, removable insulation blankets, expansion joints, etc.


This silicone coated fiberglass fabric is constructed from a fiberglass base fabric and coated both sides with a specially compounded silicone rubber. The fabric is fire resistant. Silicone coated fiberglass fabrics from Suntex offers good resistance to extreme temperatures, high temperature resistance from -50C to +550C. It is also abrasion resistance, anti-corrosive, weatherproof, corrosion resistance, water repellent, anti-aging, good chemical resistance to acids and lye, good mechanical properties.


Fire protective curtains are used in all industrial and commercial buildings. The fire curtain is an automatic, gravity-drop barrier with integrated seals that prevent fire and smoke from transferring from one part of a building to another. This silver grey silicone fiberglass fabric is a common material for making fire curtains.


Standard color of silicone fiberglass fabric is silver gray, red, white, black, green, blue, yellow, other colors also can be customized. Suntex provides one-sided/double-sided silicone coated fiberglass fabrics with many varieties of coating weight, colors, and widths for different applications.



This white silicone coated fiberglass fabric is a common fire curtain fabrics. It is a stainless steel wire reinforced E-glass fabric coated with a specially formulated white silicone rubber. It has many advantages, such as fireproof, high strength, flexibility, good smoke and gas sealing, durability, water resistance, oil proof, good chemical resistance, easier to sew, drape, and handle, etc. The stainless steel wire reinforced silicone fiberglass fabric can withstand max temperature to 750°C. There are many colors of fire curtains fabrics in Suntex, such as white, gray, golden, etc. Our suntex can customize the colors of fire curtains fabrics for customers.



fire curtain is used to provide fire separation between different spaces. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Therefore, it can ensure that people can safely enter the escape routes, protect people, property, and buildings from the effects of fire and smoke. For over 20 years, Suntex engineers have been innovating to develop more economical and more fire resistant fabric. We have many types of fire curtain fabric, such as stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric, silica fabric, silicone coated fiberglass fabric, PU coated glass fabric, graphite coated fiberglass fabric, etc.