Is it necessary to prepare a fire blanket at home?

October 28, 2021
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Is it necessary to prepare a fire blanket at home?


Generally speaking, it is best to equip a family with a four-piece fire-proof set: fire extinguisher, gas mask, fire blanket, smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm is to help you find the fire quickly. Especially when you are sleeping or when there is no one in the house, a good smoke alarm can help you quickly find the fire within tens of seconds, and notify you with sound and light, wifi notifications, etc., so that whether you are awake or asleep Yes, at home or away, you can find the fire at home the first time and take appropriate measures to extinguish him. The fire extinguisher is generally used as soon as the fire is discovered. The common fire extinguishers in the family are generally dry powder fire extinguishers and water-based fire extinguishers. There are also new types of aerosol fire extinguishers. For specific household fire extinguisher equipment, purchase and use knowledge, you can read this article.

If you extinguish the fire, you can also use a fire blanket. Generally, you can use a fire blanket to extinguish a fire that has just been discovered, a pan fire, etc., to recover the loss to the greatest extent. The advantage of the fire blanket is that it is pollution-free, does not need to be cleaned, and extinguishes fire quickly, which is suitable for many occasions. And when the fire is uncontrollable, the fire blanket can be draped on the body to isolate the high temperature and help leave the fire scene quickly. Therefore, it is better to equip the family with a fire blanket in case of an emergency. There are three types of fire blankets: glass fiber, glass fiber silica gel cloth, and flame retardant cloth fire retardant. As for gas masks, we all know that after so many firefighting classes, we must bend down to avoid inhaling poisonous gas when escaping from the fire. In many fire accidents, it is not flames that kill people, but poisonous gas and high temperature. Therefore, it is very necessary to purchase gas masks according to the number of family members when purchasing fire-fighting equipment at home.


About other fire blankets :

1: Fire Blankets Fire Curtains For Oil And Gas Industry

Our fireproof blanket/welding blanket is widely used to Offshore Oil/LNG platform and Marine Ship. It can resist high temperature of more than 1000℃ (resist peak temperature 1700℃ in a short time). It is waterproof,wear-resistant, water repellent, chemical resistance to acids, and lye.

Usage: for flame retardant protection, emergency survival, and heat insulation


1.offshore oil/LNG platform and marine ship

2.the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping, office, warehouse, ship, construct, house, restaurant, amusement building, gas station and so on

2:Electric Welding Fire Blanket Fire Curtain Heat Insulation Materia

Suntex fire blanket is made of special heat-resistant fiberglass material, it can be used for high-temperature electric welding fireproof blanket, fire blanket, fire extinguishing blanket, flame-resistant cladding material, high temperature resistant fireproof material, heat-resistant mat material, etc. It also can be used for fireproof doors, building fire protection, fireproof materials, fireproof building materials, fireproof packing, fire compartments, safety protection, etc. It can resist the long-term heat resistance range of -70° C ~ +1100 ° C, with no burning, no melting characteristics, incineration process will not produce toxic waste gas, no secondary pollution green environmental protection materials.

Temperature resistant: -70C~1100C

Size:1m*1m,1.2*1.2m,1.5m*1.5m,1.2m*1.8m,1.5m*1.8m,1.8m*1.8m,3m*3m,4m*6m,6m*8m,8m*8m,or customized