What is the energy-saving effect of the removable Insulation Cover, and how should it be preserved?

September 30, 2021
Latest company news about What is the energy-saving effect of the removable Insulation Cover, and how should it be preserved?

What is the energy-saving effect of the removable Insulation Cover, and how should it be preserved?


At present, thermal insulation covers have been used by more and more equipment due to their features such as easy disassembly, no time-consuming, simple cleaning, and remarkable thermal insulation performance. Like insulation mattresses, insulation blankets, insulation jackets, insulation covers, insulation pads are all Fireproof removable insulation productions. The role of the fireproof removable insulation cover is not only limited to the basic functions of isolating high temperatures and preventing burns, but also the significant energy-saving effect brought to the enterprise due to the outstanding insulation effect.


Insulation sets cover a wide range of applications and are currently used in pipeline insulation, automobile wheels, high-temperature pipelines, and valves. It can effectively ensure the insulation effect of equipment at different temperatures and can be tailored to the specific shape of the equipment to create equipment insulation clothing with different shapes and different functions. In addition, the surface of the thermal insulation cover can be scrubbed, partially detachable, and the reuse rate is high, which can effectively save costs for enterprises and increase profit margins.


The thermal insulation cover is made of special thermal insulation materials. Although the materials are made to make it less in contact with the outside world, attention should be paid to the moisture-proof work of the thermal insulation clothing during storage. There should be no obvious water sources and water stains in the storage warehouse. It is forbidden to stack thermal insulation cover on the ground. They should be placed in the packaging box to prevent moisture on the ground from affecting their storage.


Fire prevention is another storage precaution for detachable insulation jackets. After all, thermal insulation jackets are made of fabrics, and it is necessary to make corresponding fire prevention measures in the warehouse. In addition, workers should pay attention to no sharp objects on the ground, such as knives, when stacking thermal insulation clothing. Thin metal wires such as iron wires should also be forbidden to prevent the thermal insulation clothing from scratching and reducing its thermal insulation performance.


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