What is the fan thermal insulation cover?

January 13, 2022
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The role of Fan thermal insulation, noise reduction, and energy-saving protective cover is obvious.
The fan is a kind of equipment commonly used in the industry for ventilation and air supply, and sometimes it is necessary to keep the conveying air warm. Generally, a protective cover will be made on the outer surface of the fan. The metal protective cover is directly welded to the side plate of the fan casing. The temperature inside the fan can still be directly transmitted to the outside of the insulation layer. Although this structure can prevent personnel from being burned. However, the heat will be lost more seriously, causing the overall temperature of the workshop to raise.
If hot air is sent, and the temperature difference between the ambient temperature of the fan and the medium sent by the fan is large, the temperature of the medium will decrease, the gas density will increase, the required power will increase, and the original motor may be overloaded.
In the case of high temperature above 250°C or low temperature below 0°C, the design of this metal protective cover is even more useless. In order to keep the medium temperature from being affected by the ambient temperature, it is necessary to add a new type of Covhot detachable thermal insulation to the fan. safety mask. Insulation can also reduce noise and prevent burns.