What is the purpose of a fire blanket?

April 12, 2023
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What is the purpose of a fire blanket?

The Fire Safety Test: Will the fire blanket keep you safe?

Suntex customize fire blanket to different sizes suitable to be allocated in different areas of big buildings as well as hanging in homes.


The advantages of such fire blankets are they are small, easy to handle and especially suitable for small fires. The flexibility of the fabric enables it to drape around small fires and reduce oxygen thus eliminate such Hazard. One added advantage is our fabrics do not have an expiry or shelf life hence, it comes with zero maintenance cost.


Fire blankets is a safety device designed to extinguish starting fires , they are usually used in home , kitchens and gas station. The special fire blanket at big size like 6*8,10*15 are also used in off-shore platform , plant and warehouse fire partition curtain to guard fire and smoke. Suntex have developed EV car fire blankets which can help to prevent the fire spreading when car fire.