Which industrial equipment needs a removable insulation cover?

February 16, 2022
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Which industrial equipment needs a removable insulation cover?

Equipment insulation is more and more widely used in the industrial field. Common high-temperature equipment needs to be insulated. We know many advantages of removable insulation cover, so which equipment needs removable insulation?

1. Removable insulation jacket for valve piping. It is suitable for various valves, pipes, elbows, flanges, etc., and is common equipment in industrial piping systems and steam systems. Due to the high probability of valve maintenance, the use of detachable insulation covers is easy to disassemble, reusable, and supports special-shaped customization.

2. The heat exchanger has a removable insulation jacket. Heat exchangers, also known as heat exchangers, play an important role in industrial production. The removable insulation cover can be used for heat exchange equipment such as plate exchange of different shapes. It has a clean appearance, energy-saving, beautiful appearance, and non-standard customization.

3. Removable insulation jackets for chemical containers such as reaction kettles and tanks. Equipment insulation is an important task for large-scale reactors and storage tanks. If the insulation is not handled properly, the physical properties in the reactor will change greatly, affecting normal production. Detachable thermal insulation sleeves, after on-site surveying and mapping, are customized according to the shape and size of the container and thermal insulation requirements, and it is fire-retardant and flame-retardant.

4. Thermal insulation cover of injection molding machine equipment. The temperature of the heating cylinder of the injection molding machine can reach 350 ℃, which not only brings heat loss but also causes the working environment temperature to be too high, which seriously affects the work efficiency. The thermal insulation cover of the injection molding machine is customized according to the size of the heating cylinder, which fits tightly and can keep the heating cylinder at a constant temperature. It is estimated that the average power saving is more than 30%, and the economic benefits are remarkable.

5. Turbine insulation jacket. If the steam turbine is not well insulated, the uneven temperature of the casing, shaft, blades, etc. will cause local thermal stress on the metal, resulting in thermal deformation of the components, reducing the thermal efficiency of the steam turbine, and even damaging the machine and making it impossible to run. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out thermal insulation treatment.