Why do you choose flexible connection cloth?

June 16, 2022
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Why should there be a flexible connection between the fan and the purifier? Unexpected effect!


Pipeline flexible connection is also called flexible joint, fan expansion flexible connection, fireproof connection, and shockproof joint.

Widely used in building HVAC systems, the flexible interface of air duct coil, the flexible connection of inlet and outlet of air conditioner, flexible compensation connection between inlet and outlet of the smoke exhaust system, smoke exhaust fan, and exhaust pipe.


It can be used for pipeline systems for conveying dust, gas flue gas, and other gases and for displacement compensation caused by temperature changes, equipment vibration, and foundation sinking.


Common flexible connection high-temperature fireproof materials include silicone cloth, silica cloth, expanded glass fiber cloth, neoprene tape, PU coated glass fiber cloth, etc.


Why do you choose flexible connection cloth?

1. High-temperature resistance, fire resistance, flame retardant, good sealing performance.

2. High glue fastness, not easy to drop glue, not easy to crack.

3. It can effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated by boilers, fans, and other equipment.

4. The cloth has high strength and is not easy to deform.

5. Durable.