Aluminum Laminated Fiberglass Fabric

August 27, 2020
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aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric

Imported aluminum film materials are used, and a multi-layer composite process is adopted to perform aluminum film composite on the high silica cloth/felt so that our aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric and felt have a working temperature of 1100C. It is suitable for the protection of human body and equipment from the splashing of high temperature molten slag in the metallurgical industry. Aluminum film composite for aramid. cloth/felt. Suitable for making high temperature protective clothing, protective gloves, etc.


Single-sided or double-sided composite aluminum foil can obtain high heat radiation reflection, while being impermeable to air and water, and has good sealing performance. Aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric is widely used in thermal insulation systems such as pipeline protection wrapping and fire curtains.


Suntex selects special adhesives, combined with advanced composite technology, so that the aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric has better fastness, high strength, better flame retardancy, and longer service life.

Application of aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric:

1. Smoke screen, fire protection curtain, fire protection clothing, fire blanket, welding blanket, fire protection smoke curtain, fire blanket.

2. It is used to make various fire-resistant and heat-insulating clothing and protective equipment such as fire-fighting, labor insurance and heat-insulating clothing.

3. Various kiln backing insulation and sealing and piping systems, thermal equipment covering and insulation.

4. It is mainly used for heat preservation materials of heating and cooling equipment pipes, sound-absorbing materials, rock wool, and superfine glass wool outer protective layer in buildings, which play the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion, heat insulation and sound absorption.

5. It can be applied to the packaging materials of moisture-proof, anti-fog, fire-proof and anti-corrosion for export equipment.

6. It is mainly used for the protective wrapping of petroleum transportation pipelines, steam pipelines and other chemical equipment, playing the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation.

7. Used for thermal insulation of roof.

8. Used to make heat shields, heat reflectors, equipment protective covers, high temperature protective clothing, protective gloves, etc.

Aluminum laminated fiberglass fabric has the following characteristics:

1. High heat radiation reflection performance, good thermal insulation performance.

2. Good fire and flame retardant performance, high temperature resistance.

3. Airtight, impervious, waterproof and moisture-proof, good sealing performance.

4. Good tear resistance.

5. Soft, the composite layer will not crack.

6. Machine washable, high strength.