Do you know what fire and smoke curtains are?

October 20, 2021
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Do you know what fire and smoke curtains are?


The fire and smoke drapes are a vertical partition that is installed under the suspended ceiling or floor slab or hidden in the suspended ceiling to prevent the horizontal flow of smoke and hot gas in the event of a fire.

The fire and smoke drapes can be divided into rolling curtain type and turning plate type according to the activity mode. Movable smoke blocking wall refers to a smoke blocking wall that automatically hangs down due to the function of temperature, smoke, or other control equipment during a fire.


What are the application place of the fire and smoke drapes?

The fire and smoke drapes are mainly used in a high-rise or super high-rise shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses, and other occasions.

The fire and smoke drapes can effectively block the horizontal flow of smoke under the roof of the building, so as to improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke prevention zone and play a positive role in ensuring the safety of people's lives and properties.

Fiberglass Fabric For Fire Curtain And Smoke Curtains is a specially formulated medium weight fiberglass fabric, coated with aluminum pigmented polyurethane on both sides of the fabric which creates a reflective heat shield and enhances the durability and flexibility of the fabric.

It’s used for fireproof curtains, smoke curtains, high-temperature curtains, welding curtains, and fire control systems. It supports temperatures up to 5500C. It is asbestos-free completely, no harm to human being & animals.


1. Withstand high temperatures up to 700℃.
2. Durable and good abrasion resistance.
3. Excellent tensile strength.
4. Thick but soft material, easy to be cut and sewn.

5. Chemical resistance, waterproof, weatherproof, abrasion resistance.

6. Environmentally friendly.

7. Halogen-free, asbestos-free, non-itchy.

A fire curtain is designed to be used in combination with automatic sprinkler systems and smoke vents to control fire and smoke to limit property damage and safely evacuate an audience in the event of a fire and save lives. Common fire curtains include static fire containment curtain, automatic fire curtain, flexible commercial fire, and smoke curtains, aluminized curtains for heat shielding, welding curtains for spark protection, high-temperature curtains, elevator smoke curtains, draft curtains, vertically deploying fire and smoke curtains, folding fire and smoke curtains, safety curtains, etc.


As a fireproof insulation cloth manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, it is Suntex duty of responsibility to create safer, more economical and environmentally friendly fireproof curtain materials for the society. Suntex fire curtain materials from light duty to high duty, 60 minutes to 180 minutes, can totally meet EN13501 rules. our basic fabrics are e-glass fabric, E-glass fabric with s.s wire reinforced, or high silica fabric. Coatings are PU, silicone, aluminum, silica, or graphite. Their coating is formulated with inorganic materials and will not produce hazardous outgassing. Suntex has been tested to ensure they exceed nationally recognized fire codes. Suntex fabrics are successfully equipped to many fire curtain brands to service lots of customers, protect their property and life.


1. High temperature resistance up to 1200℃.

2. Strong fire resistant, good smoke and gas sealing.

3. good tear strength resistance, high strength, good puncture resistance​.

4. High stability, Durable.

5. Chemical resistance, oilproof, waterproof.

6. No harm to human body, asbestos free, halogen free.

7. Environmentally friendly.


Fireproof curtain, welding curtain, smoke curtain, fire barrier, splash shields, fire containment blankets, fire containment cover, removable insulation blankets, expansion joints, etc.