Why do exhaust pipes need thermal insulation covers?

October 19, 2021
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Why do exhaust pipes need thermal insulation covers?

The exhaust pipe referred to here generally refers to the exhaust pipe of the engines of automobiles, ships, engineering vehicles, etc., because the temperature of the exhaust pipe is of no practical use, and Suntex thermal insulation covers mainly provide heat insulation for them. Install thermal insulation covers on the exhaust pipes of vehicles and ships. First, provide sound insulation and noise reduction, providing a good working environment; second, effectively reduce accidental fire caused by the exhaust pipe of the engine; third, prevent heat from damaging other components, and improve the car’s exhaust. The service life of other parts around the air pipe.

Suntex can customize thermal insulation covers for the exhaust pipes of different vehicles. Because the shape of the exhaust system of different models is different, the customized thermal insulation covers can be fully fitted to the corresponding models and are the thermal insulation of the vehicle exhaust system. Ideal product for heat.

So what are the characteristics of thermal insulation covers made for vehicle exhaust systems?

Thermal insulation covers for automobile exhaust pipe system are installed on the engine oil circuit, exhaust pipe, muffler and other components, so as to reduce vibration and noise, and extend the service life of the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe thermal insulation covers have the performance of heat preservation, heat insulation, oil resistance, less smoke, waterproof, flame retardant and easy cleaning. It can effectively reduce the heat loss rate of the exhaust pipe and the slow cooling in the exhaust pipe; it can effectively reduce the noise of the exhaust pipe and reduce the carbon emissions; in addition, it can also play a role of anti-scalding protection during maintenance.

Suntex thermal insulation covers not only have good heat insulation effect, but also are easy to disassemble and re-use. They are not afraid of the extreme high temperature of 800℃ inside the body, and are not afraid of severe vibration when the car starts. They are functional and cost-effective.

Suntex heat guard insulation cover is an economical solution for reducing heat loss and energy costs. It conserves energy, preserves process temperatures, and improve workplace safety for various applications with in process industry where heat conservation and process temperature are concerns. It is applicable for the insulation of flanges and pipes.

it is also known as removable insulation jackets made from ceramic fiber insulation and fiberglass cloth. It is asbestos free , environmentally safe, durable, reusable, and easily applicable.



It is customized and wrapped outside flanges, pipes, pumps, filters, exchange, pipeline, valves, freeze protection, and others.


characteristics of Suntex thermal insulation covers:


--Excellent control or reduction of radiant heat loss
--Improves equipment efficiency and durability
--Reduces energy consumption
--Removable and reusable
--Reduce maintenance cost
--Closed insulation system
--Personal protection
--Reduce sound transmission
--Asbestos free and environmentally safe