Fiberglass Cloth With SS Wire Inserts

August 20, 2020
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Fiberglass Cloth With Ss Wire Inserts

Fiberglass cloth with ss wire inserts - a woven plain fiberglass fabric with inserted stainless steel (t304) wire for added tensile strength. The stainless steel wires we use are stronger and more durable. We multiple stainless steel wires with each strand of texturized fiberglass yarn.Weave can be one directional (stainless is only inserted in warp yarn) or two-directional (stainless is inserted in both warp yarn and weft yarn). Suntex wire-inserted fiberglass fabrics are woven from premium fiberglass yarns and stainless steel wires for added superior tensile strength, puncture resistance, and heat resistance. The stainless steel wire works to dissipate heat across the surface of the fabric, improving heat resistance. Fiberglass Cloth with SS Wire Inserts is good ideal for high temperature, high vibration environments,such as refineries, power plants, and offshore drilling platforms,etc. This fabric is used as a hot-side insulation fabric, flange and valve covers, construct turbine blankets, insulation for diesel engines, removable insulation pads and jackets, fire blankets, welding blankets, welding curtains and stress relief blankets. The S.S wire fiberglass cloth is resistant to chemicals and offers good heat and fire protection in fire resistant heat insulation applications up to 650C.


Temp resistance up to 650C

Content: warp: 100% fiberglass yarns

Fill: stainless steel wire (t304) plied with fiberglass yarns

Common applications:

removable insulation pads and jackets

welding blankets and equipment protection

fire and heat barriers

fire retardant curtains, welding curtains

fabric expansion joints

lagging, gaskets and seals

refineries, power plants, and offshore drilling platforms