Fiberglass Fabric Welding Blanket

September 16, 2020
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Fiberglass Fabric Welding Blanket


Suntex welding blanket is suitable for welding and other occasions that are prone to fire, and can resist spark splash, slag, welding spatter, etc., to isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and prevent possible fire hazards during welding. , To protect the people and equipment on site, and also can be used as a light barrier, while establishing a safe and clean working space. Welding blanket is also called welding fireproof cloth, flame-retardant fireproof cloth and welding blanket.


Welding blanket can be applied to:

1. Mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, gas stations, schools, kitchens, homes, automobiles, office buildings, entertainment venues, gas stations, etc.

2. Used in the construction and repair of ship frames in the shipbuilding industry.

3. It can be used in petrochemical companies to heat and insulate metal structures and other places where welding is required. It can also be covered on objects and equipment to protect against fire and heat insulation.

4. It is used in the construction of hot construction sites: such as welding, cutting and blocking, and to ensure the safety of human life and the integrity of property. Compared with asbestos, there is no risk of cancer.

5. Fire barrier, fire curtain.

6. It is used for covering fire-fighting of small family fires, containment of fire signs in public places, and personal safety protection during emergency evacuation.



1. Passed the inspection of the National Fire Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

2. Fire rating (Class A non-combustible, German standard DIN4102 Class A1).

3. Fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation and smoke prevention.

4. The metal buttonhole is convenient to hang.

5. Exquisite edging, no thread or hands tied.

6. Fire and high temperature resistance, reinforced handle, not easy to drop.

7. Economical and durable, the hemming is not easy to loosen.

8. Convenient and fast. When you encounter an open flame, pull the strap with both hands and pull down to take out the blanket.

9. Non-toxic, soft and tough.


Precautions for purchasing electric welding fireproof cloth:

1. High temperature resistance

Looking at the high temperature resistance of the fireproof cloth, use a torch to burn at a distance of 20mm~30mm in the vertical direction of the fireproof cloth, and it will be qualified if it will not burn through or catch fire for 30 minutes.


2. The warp and weft density of the fireproof cloth

Look at the warp and weft density of the fireproof cloth. If the warp and weft density is too sparse, the sealing performance will be very poor, causing the welding slag to penetrate the fireproof cloth and cause personal burns.