Fire Pit Mat Protector For Deck, Grass, Fire Pit

November 11, 2020
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Fire Pit Mat Protector For Deck, Grass, Fire Pit

Suntex is a manufacturer that produces high temperature fabrics and thermal insulation cloth. The fire pit mats are one of our product series, we started producing them as early as 2 years ago. However, there were too few people who needed this mat at that time. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, I believe this mat will be very popular all over the world in the future.


The fire pit mat is designed to stop popping embers and ash and dripping grease from damaging or polluting the area around your fire pit or grill. It can protect your deck, patio, lawn, or campsite from flying embers damage while you enjoy a grill. No matter your deck or patio, whether it’s wood, grass, concrete, stone, or composite, our fireproof mat will be a strong fire resistant heat shield, protecting them from any fire and heat damage. Temperature resistance up to 1300F. Our Deck Protector fire pit mat is durable, and easy to carry, so you can take it to any place, protect any place you want to protect. Whether you have a small fire pit or Large grill, We can customize any size mat for you, if you have a 24 inches stove, then we will recommend you to use a 36 inches heat proof mat.



1. Place the Suntex fire pit mat underneath your fire pit or grill before usage.

2. The bright silver side is up.

3. Ensure the fire pit or grill is at least 8 inches above the ember mat or use pavers to elevate your fire pit.

4. Use your fire pit or grill as normal.

5. Let the ashes cool before folding up the ember mat and storing it.


Some of our mat varieties :

1. Rectangular mat with high reflective edging for visibility at night, with stainless steel edge grommets, allow the mat to be staked to the ground in windy conditions. Made of high temp fiberglass coated with silicon.


2. Two-layer round fire pit mat. It is made of silicone coated fiberglass.


3. Three-layer round ember mat. It is made of silicone coated fiberglass, insulation fabric, and aluminum foil.



fireproof, heat resistance rating of up to 1300 degrees

excellent heat reflective, cool to the touch


Application: deck, patio, grass, ground surfaces.