How should we choose high-quality fire-resistant silicone fiberglass fabric?

December 4, 2020
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How should we choose high-quality fire-resistant silicone fiberglass fabric?

Fireproof and heat-insulating silicone fiberglass fabric is made of glass fibre fabric as the basic material, and then silicon rubber is uniformly coated on the glass fiber cloth by rolling, dipping, or coating. This makes the silicone cloth not only have the fireproof, high temperature resistance, and high strength characteristics of fiberglass cloth but also have the excellent water resistance, weather resistance and chemical stability of silicone rubber.


Therefore, silicone fiberglass fabric is often used as a fireproof and heat-insulation material, which is suitable for various industrial fields and fire-related industries.


How should we choose high-quality fire-resistant silicone fabric?

1. High temperature resistance.

The use of high-quality alkali-free glass fiber as the base fabric can ensure that the product can work at the maximum temperature of 550C for a long time. Suntex selects special 316# stainless steel wire reinforced fiberglass base cloth, which can work for a long time at a high temperature of up to 1000C.

In addition, under the leadership of R&D engineers who have more than 20 years of unique silicone rubber mixing technology, the silicone cloth manufactured by Suntex has higher high temperature stability. Inferior silica gel will quickly age and crack when exposed to heat, and even burn with an open flame.


2. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, waterproof/steam, and chemical corrosion resistance.

Suntex unique silicone rubber mixed vulcanization process can make the silicone cloth have higher weather resistance and aging resistance. Whether it is direct sunlight, rain erosion, extreme weather conditions, and ordinary acid-base corrosive environments, Suntex high temperature silicone fiberglass fabric can ensure more than 10 years of use life.


3. High strength and good air gas sealing.

The high-quality silicone rubber compound has relatively high density and uniform dispersion. It can make the silicone coated fiberglass fabric have very good air tightness, and can well block the erosion of water, steam and other chemical solvents. At the same time, it also gives the silicone fabric excellent tear strength, which can prevent the surface from being scratched or pierced by sharp objects, thereby effectively protecting target object to prevent accidents.


4. Good elasticity, easy to cut and stitch.

High-quality silicone coated fiberglass is often easy to cut, and has no loose edges, hairiness and easy stitching after cutting. At the same time, the excellent silicone cloth surface has very good elasticity and will be non-porous even after being stitched.


5. The surface is smooth and beautiful, with various colors, easy to sort and manage.

The professional coating process can ensure that the surface of the silicone coated fiberglass cloth is smooth, the color is uniform, and the glue fastness is good. Suntex can provide customers with a variety of colors and sizes of silicone cloth, whether it is a designated color that identifies the characteristics of the customer’s enterprise or a special warning color, the diversity of colors is more conducive to the distinction and management of materials and uses rationale.