How to choose a reliable silicone coated fiberglass fabric supplier in China?

February 2, 2021
Latest company news about How to choose a reliable silicone coated fiberglass fabric supplier in China?

    In this world where the Internet is becoming more and more developed, communication between people has become more convenient and faster. Many foreign friends will specially come to buy things made in China, such as silicone coated fiberglass fabric. At the same time, many Chinese people They are also buying foreign-produced materials, such as vermiculite materials.


    Choosing a responsible and reliable silicone coated fiberglass supplier can save your company a lot of trouble, such as product quality issues, after-sales service issues, price issues, etc., so how can we find a reliable and responsible manufacturer supplier in China? ? I have listed a few main points here for your reference:

1. Looking at the scale of the factory, the manufacturing capacity and quality of large factories are better than small factories and small workshops

2. Looking at the product, you can buy a sample and use it back to see if its quality and performance meet your requirements.

3. Look at the price. Generally speaking, the glass fiber cloth with too low price must be of poor quality, so look for a suitable intermediate price.

4. After-sales guarantee, the better the factory does after-sales guarantee, the ability of this factory is absolutely reliable.


    Suntex silicone coated fiberglass fabric is using satin, twill, or plain weaved fiberglass fabric as base cloth, coated with special formulated silicone on one side or both sides. The base fiberglass fabric has a temperature resistance of 1000°F/550°C, the silicone coating is rated for a continuous 500°F/260°C. Silicone coating has added water and abrasion and oil resistance and good air gas sealing. Suntex silicone coated fabirc provides good flexibility, puncture, corrosion and tear resistance. It is ofen used in insulating blankets, removable insulation jackets, welding curtains and blankets, flange spray shields, equipment covers, expansion joints, high-temperature gaskets and seals, and other heat resistant parts. Its color can be silver, gray, white, yellow, black, red or other colors. Our largest export volume is these two gram-weight varieties: 34 oz/sq yd (+/- 10%), 17 oz/sq yd (+/- 10%), its color is silver or red. If you are interested in this product, you can contact me on email: