How should fiberglass cloth be stored correctly?

October 14, 2021
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How should fiberglass cloth be stored correctly?

Coated Glass Fibre Fabric currently has an extremely broad market, and more and more consumers will choose fiberglass cloth. When using glass fiber cloth, how to store it becomes a problem. After all, it is impossible to use it up every time. If the storage method is improper, it will cause damage to the product. After the production of the glass fiber cloth, most of the finished products are in rolls. Stored, and this product itself is very soft, which makes this product easy to wrinkle, let Suntex take you to see how to properly store it.

1. The mesh cloth is made of glass fiber material, which is more afraid of water and avoids moisture. Therefore, if it is rainy in summer, it is recommended not to put the mesh cloth in a humid place, let alone a place exposed to the rain, otherwise, The consequences are terrible! Due to the large demand for grid cloth, some customers will keep a large amount of fiberglass grid cloth in the warehouse for a long time. Some of the grid cloth is soaked in water for some objective reasons (for example the warehouse is low). , The result was serious consequences, the mesh cloth was soaked. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not put it in a low-lying place! Don't let the grid cloth be soaked;

2. Latex mesh cloth is made of styrene-acrylic rubber. It is relatively soft. When storing the latex mesh cloth, it is recommended that you do not stack it for a long time (do not press it). Stacking will cause its deformation and unsightly appearance! You can put these latex grids vertically, which will solve this problem;

3. Most of the glass fiber cloth is white and easy to get dirty, so try to use plastic packaging to directly pack the mesh cloth inside, and use a white woven bag outside to ensure the beauty of the product, and the plastic packaging can prevent air from entering it. The product is not damp.

Glass fiber cloth is soft, strong and, non-combustible, which makes this product have a wide range of uses. It can be used with other special materials or alone. Glass fiber cloth is because of its toughness and stretches resistance. It has the superior ability, so it is also used as an exterior wall cloth for wall reinforcement, and glass fiber cloth has thermal insulation properties, so it can also be used as a thermal insulation material. Therefore, glass fiber cloth is often used in construction, and it is also used for pipe wrapping. To fiberglass cloth.

Good products must have good storage methods so that the maximum value of fiberglass cloth can be brought into play, and consumers can also get the best consumption experience.