How to distinguish the quality of fire blankets?

October 15, 2021
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How to distinguish the quality of fire blankets?
First, look at the packaging, whether there is valid information such as instructions for use, folding method, manufacturer, telephone, and implementation standards, otherwise, there will be no products.
Secondly, look at the airtightness of the fire extinguishing blanket. As long as the non-glued product is pulled hard against the blanket surface with your thumb, it will definitely fail to pull out a hole. This is very important. The airtightness of the fire extinguishing is dependent on good airtightness!
Then there is the sewing thread. The authentic products that meet the standard are sewn with high temperature and flame-retardant sewing thread. The lighter can burn up if it is unqualified!
Furthermore, it is a hand-held drawstring, the sewing is not firm, and the ignitable is unqualified!
The focus is on point 5, the latest standard of the Ministry of Public Security "Requires that the fire blanket base fabric must meet the fire resistance and combustion performance level above A level, and the silica gel coated fire blanket base fabric is actually unqualified because the silica gel fire resistance level does not reach A level. Yes, let alone those that use B-grade medium-alkali glass fiber to coat the glue at low prices.


Suntex safety emergency fire blankets are made from premium fiberglass woven fabrics, coated on both sides and stitched with Kevlar.No itch to the skin, impermeable and lightweight, totally asbestos-free. Used on fires involving flammable liquids, a small fire in the kitchen. Suntex fire blankets conform to EN 1869-1997.

Sizes available:1m*1m,1.2m*1.2m,1.2m*1.5m,1.2m*1.8m,1.5m*1.8m,1.8m*1.8m or customized

Suntex Industrial fire blankets are made from fiberglass woven fabrics and are able to withstand temperatures up to 550C. Totally asbestos-free.The blankets are well suited for welding, grinding spark, and spatter protection for industries, gas stations, warehouses, building ground.

Roll form or prefabricated blankets are available.

Sizes available:1.2m*1.8m,1.5m*1.8m,1.8m*1.8m,3m*3m,4m*6m,6m*8m,8m*8m,or customized.


As a safety device, a fire blanket could be widely used to distinguish incipient( starting) fires.
Ideal for use in the kitchen, hotel, caravan, garage, gas station, laboratory, BBQ, etc.
Can be wrapped around a person whose clothes have caught fire.