How to choose a fiberglass fabric supplier?

July 6, 2020
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How to choose a fiberglass fabric supplier?

1. Qualification and Scale

The business of pitmen is not long, and the long-term business is not deceptive. First, we must choose a brand with years of operation, brand strength, and industry influence to ensure the timely supply of products and quality assurance. The workshops of the powerful glass fiber manufacturers are very large, occupying a very large area, and have the most advanced equipment and instruments in the industry. The spare goods in the warehouse are piled up, so ah, if you have the conditions, you still have to go See the factory on the ground.


2. Look at the product

The main raw materials of glass fiber cloth generally include glass fiber materials. When customers choose glass fiber cloth, they generally only care about whether the glass fiber is a pure material. It is important to know that the manufacturing process of glass fiber cloth in each factory is very different. Only the tear resistance, explosion resistance, sun resistance, adhesion, color fastness , Flame retardant, fireproof, easy to cut but high strength, and many other indicators must meet the standard before it is considered qualified glass fiber cloth.



Because the price of glass fiber cloth is directly related to the price of materials in the market, in general, the price performance of glass fiber cloth at a certain stage is relatively stable. In general, the price of high-quality glass fiber cloth is lower than that of inferior glass fiber. The price of cloth is about 20% higher. Inferior glass fiber cloth usually uses silk with relatively poor content of ingredients and low-end powder used in powder. This type of glass fiber window screen no matter from fire retardant effect, strength, material, color, service life, etc. The indicators are not as good as high-quality fiberglass cloth. Therefore, customers should never look down on the quality of products when buying glass fiber cloth.


4. See aftersales

Powerful glass fiber manufacturers have advanced equipment in many industries. On the day of purchase, due to the damage of product quality, they will be replaced quickly and free of charge. This is the authoritative after-sale guarantee!