Removable Insulation Jacket & Covers

September 8, 2020
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Removable Insulation Jacket & Covers

The removable insulation jacket & covers have been widely used in developed countries in Europe and America and is loved by customers. Compared with traditional industrial insulation products, it adopts a detachable structure, which can meet the needs of owners for repair, maintenance, cleaning, etc. , Can be quickly installed, quickly removed, and restored. It can be adapted to different equipment and different parts of the equipment with different requirements for heat preservation. Individualized one-to-one design and production of insulation sleeves can ideally achieve the set insulation effect.


The Suntex factory has a complete production capacity of insulation fabrics. Now through close technical cooperation with European factories, it has absorbed and introduced a full set of insulation jacket production technology, from the production of insulation fabrics to the design and production of insulation jackets. Do it yourself, not only can provide excellent product quality, but also can easily meet the needs of different types of jacket products, with fast delivery and reasonable prices.


The Suntex insulation jacket adopts a multi-layer structure, which can achieve various insulation requirements such as heat insulation, corrosion prevention, sound insulation, anti-heat radiation, heat preservation, and cold preservation according to its functions. The design of each insulation jacket will specifically understand the type of equipment, working conditions, internal and external structure, internal and external physical environment, chemical environment, and the owner's specific insulation requirements, and carry out the corresponding structure and material design. Combining our on-site measurement results and the drawings provided by the customer to make the structure and shape design of the insulation jacket, and then through sophisticated production, in order to achieve a fitting installation size and satisfactory insulation effect.


Product Advantages:

1. Good heat preservation effect can adapt to the needs of -70 ℃ between 1400 ℃. The thermal conductivity at room temperature is 0.025-0.040W/.M.K.

2. Easy installation and disassembly, one-time investment, long-term repeated use, and good economic benefits.

3. It can be customized, using flexible materials, suitable for installation in various special-shaped structures and large or small spaces.

4. Materials can be selected according to different chemical environments of the equipment to meet various requirements such as acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, waterproof, air tightness, and weather resistance.

5. It can reduce energy consumption, improve the external environment of the equipment, and simultaneously improve the working conditions of employees and the working environment of adjacent equipment.