Removable Steam Turbine Insulation Cover

September 8, 2020
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Removable Steam Turbine Insulation Cover

The high-pressure cylinder, medium-pressure cylinder, main steam valve, regulating valve, main steam pipe, high-pressure front, and rear steam seals, connecting pipes and other parts of steam turbines need to be overhauled frequently. The traditional fixed insulation system is very troublesome to disassemble and needs to be redone after the overhaul. Insulation works are expensive. Suntex has studied advanced European technology and developed a removable thermal insulation jacket. The jacket has a multi-layer structure and can be designed according to the working conditions of different equipment. It is equipped with inner and outer materials and lap joints. Fully meet the requirements of equipment owners for heat preservation and maintenance.


Product performance:

1、Good heat insulation performance, thermal conductivity: 0.030- 0.045 W/.M.K (normal temperature).

2、Installation and disassembly are convenient, fast, and reusable.

3、Corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, oil-resistant, water-resistant, with a life span of 8-10 years, and can be used outdoors.

4、Fireproof, flame retardant, and energy saving.

5、Tailor-made, according to different equipment, design the insulation material, thickness, dimensions, and lap method to meet the requirements of insulation, corrosion resistance, oil, and water resistance in different sections of the equipment.