What ar the characteristics of fireproof cloth?

January 28, 2022
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Which material is the best for Fire curtain fabric

We can see Fire curtain fabric in some high-rise or indoor large-scale markets, office buildings, and warehouses. It can effectively block the lateral flow of smoke under the roof of the building and improve the smoke exhaust effect in the smoke-proof zone. Property plays a very protective role. So do you know what kinds of materials fire curtain fabric has? Let's let the Suntex fireproof cloth material stop the smoke and hang it on the wall.

Fireproof cloth is also called silicone cloth, and the common colors are gray, white, etc.

1. Characteristics of fireproof cloth

(1) Fire curtain fabric has good fire resistance, and the curtain fabric is composed of a variety of high-temperature resistant materials through special treatment;

(2) The texture is flexible and the tensile strength is high;

(3) Small size, thin curtain fabric, small footprint, and can adapt to different building needs;

(4) Lightweight, the weight of the cord is about 1/10 of the weight of the steel fire curtain fabric;

(5) fire curtain fabric, the price is cheap, which greatly reduces the cost of the project;

(6) The colors are diverse and can be matched with interior decoration to give people a comfortable feeling.

Fire Curtain Fabric made of fireproof cloth is mostly installed and used in garages, workshops, factories, communities, supermarkets, parking lots, and other places. Its function is the smoke-blocking device in the smoke-proof partition, and the smoke-blocking effect is very good.