What is a locomotive fire curtain?

January 27, 2022
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What is a locomotive fire curtain?

Locomotive fire curtains are actually fired curtains or fire blankets, fire quilts, flame retardant blankets, escape blankets and other products. And the role of flame can be used to put out the oil pan fire or cover the body to escape.

The fire curtain fabric is soft and tight, which can quickly block oxygen extinguish the fire in the initial stage of the fire, and control the spread of the disaster. The fire blanket is fireproof and heat-insulating, and it can be wrapped around the body when escaping, which can play a good protective role.


Classification by substrate: due to the different base fabrics used, glass fiber fire curtains, high silica fire curtains, ceramic fiber fire curtains, etc.

Classified by use: fire curtains for locomotives, fire curtains for households, and fire curtains for industrial use.


For people and objects that must be kept away from heat sources, fire curtains are a very ideal and effective outer protective layer, and are very easy to wrap up uneven surfaces. It is a simple and convenient fire extinguishing tool, especially suitable for household kitchens, hotels, entertainment places, gas stations, and other places that are prone to fire, to prevent the spread of fire.