What are the applications of fiberglass cloth?

October 12, 2021
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What are the applications of fiberglass cloth?

Different fiber cloths have different applications. At present, the market is mainly glass fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, polymer fiber cloth, etc., but the most widely used glass fiber cloth is because of its suitable price and better performance. Fiberglass cloth is generally used for reinforcement materials, filter materials, reinforced matrix materials, heat preservation, sound insulation materials, and so on. To this end, the following will focus on the market application of glass fiber cloth.

Listed below are the main uses of fiberglass mesh in the construction field.

1. External wall insulation system

Spread the first layer of plaster on the insulation board of the outer wall and then spread the fiberglass mesh cloth as a reinforcement layer, and then spread the cover layer. This avoids surface cracks that may be caused by external temperature fluctuations, mortar shrinkage, and movement of the insulation board. The glass fiber mesh ensures the stability of the external wall insulation system.

2. Waterproof material

The glass fiber mesh cloth can be used as a waterproof material for the new and old layers after being asphalted. Similarly, the organic resin can also be used to coat glass fiber mesh with asphalt, tar or cement to form the roof waterproof layer of new and old houses. Glass fiber mesh is also used to reinforce cast-in-place epoxy asphalt or acrylic waterproof membranes. Irregular surfaces or slopes can be reinforced with special mesh fabric made of glass fiber bulked yarn. This kind of mesh can effectively absorb the waterproof material, thereby preventing the waterproof material from dripping and helping it to be evenly distributed.

A typical application of glass fiber cloth:

1. Smokescreen, fire curtain, fireproof clothing, fire blanket, welding blanket, fire and smoke curtain, fire blanket.

2. The cable is fireproof.

3. Removable insulation jacket and insulation pad.

4. The construction and repair of ship frames in the shipbuilding industry.

5. The petrochemical enterprises shall heat and insulate metal structures and other places where welding is required.

6. Aerospace, chemical, petroleum, energy, metallurgy, large-scale power generation equipment, electrical insulation, cement, machinery, construction, and other fields.

7. Manufacture of copper-clad laminates as the basic material of printed circuit boards.

8. Used for high-temperature atmospheric dust removal and recovery of valuable industrial dust. For example cement, carbon black, steel, metallurgy, lime kiln, thermal power generation, and coal burning industries.

9. The soft connection of the power unit, the boiler, and the chimney, and the heat insulation of the engine compartment.

10. It is used for pipeline compensation of exhaust, ventilation, ventilation, smoke, and dust, waste gas treatment, and other systems.

11. Various coating base fabrics.

12. Boiler insulation.

13. Pipe bandaging.

14. Other fire insulation systems.