Are flexible connectors and expansion joints the same?

October 11, 2021
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Are flexible connectors and expansion joints the same?
Flexible connectors and expansion joints are not the same things.

What is an expansion joint? Expansion joints are also called compensators habitually. They are flexible structures set on the container shell or pipeline in order to compensate for the additional stress caused by the temperature difference and mechanical vibration. Expansion joints are divided into metal expansion joints and non-metal expansion joints.

Next, please work with Suntex to understand the difference in performance between metal expansion joints and non-metal expansion joints, so as to have a more in-depth understanding of expansion joints.
1. Compensation function
2. Compensation for resistance
3. High-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
4. Thermal insulation and energy-saving performance
5. Maintenance and replacement performance
6. Service life
7. Use pressure
8. Use medium
With these characteristics, can you distinguish between metal expansion joints and non-metal expansion joints?
Suntex Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric can be used as the outer layer of the detachable thermal insulation cover, the fire curtain and the smoke curtain, the flexible connecting device of the pipeline, and the base material of the flexible expansion joint. Silicone cloth can solve the damage to the pipeline caused by thermal expansion and contraction. It has good elasticity and flexibility. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy, and other fields, as well as shielding and covering in a variety of high-temperature occasions.
Flexible connectors are also called expansion joints, which play the role of connecting pumps, valves, pipelines, and other equipment to the pipeline. They are connected by full bolts to make them into a whole with a certain amount of displacement so that they can be installed and maintained. It can be adjusted according to the installation size on site, and the axial thrust can be transmitted back to the entire pipeline system during work. This not only improves work efficiency but also protects piping equipment such as pumps and valves. Expansion joints are composed of bellows and end pipes, brackets, flanges, conduits, and other accessories that constitute the main body of the work. It belongs to a kind of compensating element. It uses the effective expansion and contraction of the bellows of its working body to absorb the dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines, conduits, containers, etc., or to compensate for the axial, lateral, and angular displacement. It can also be used to reduce noise and vibration. It is widely used in modern industry.
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