What are the properties of common silicone cloth?

November 25, 2021
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What are the properties of common silicone cloth?

Silicone cloth has excellent heat resistance, high insulation performance, and weather aging resistance polymer elastomer. The composite material is formed by coating with glass fiber, which is a high-performance, multi-purpose new composite material. It has been widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgical non-metallic expansion joints, and other fields.

Silicone Coated Fabric Introductions

Suntex silicone coated fabric is using plain, twill, or satin weaved fiberglass fabric, then coated with special formulated silicone rubber on one side or double sides. It has many features, such as heat resistant, fireproof, water resistance, electric isolation, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV or weather resistance. Available in a wide variety of colors, such as silver, gray, red, white, yellow, black or other colors. Silicone fabric is often used for fire protection, heat insulation, and high temperature applications.


Applications of Silicone Coated Fabrics and Textiles

1. Removable insulation jackets, blankets, mattress and pad.

2. Fire doors, fire curtains, welding & fire blankets.

3. Thermal insulation barriers, heat shield.

4. Fabric expansion joints, fabric ductwork connector.

5. Curtain for drying, heating or cooling tunnel.

6. Wrapping insulation for pumps, filters, exchange, pipeline, valves, freeze protection, etc.

7. Electrical insulation.

8. Conveyor belt.

9. Flame proof fabric.



One Side Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric - Removable Thermal Insulation Jackets, Blankets Material


Suntex one sided silicone cloth is a fireproof material coated with a layer of silicone on one side of the glass fiber cloth, and the other side is not coated with silicone. Silicone fabric continues the fire retardant, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, and heat insulating characteristics of fiberglass cloth. The silicone coating makes the cloth waterproof, oil proof, corrosion and abrasion resistance, smoke and gas sealing, etc. Our silicone fabric is made of high quality silicon and glass fiber fabric, which is corrosion resistant, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and easy to cut and sew. It is very suitable for use as a material for removable thermal insulation jackets, blankets.


The advantages of one side coated silicone fabric
1. Good fire resistance and flame retardancy under high temperature and low temperature conditions.
2. Heat resistant and thermal insulation.
3. Improve working thermal environment, protect workers from being hurt by heat.
3. Chemicals resistance include acid and alkali, excellent water and oil resistance.
4. High abrasion resistant, longer lifetime, durable.
5. High strength, flexible and soft, easy to cut and sew.


The applications of one side coated silicone fabric

Removable and thermal insulation blanket, jackets, covers, and pads.
Welding curtains and blankets, shrink tunnels curtain.
Silicone fabric expansion joint.
Heat shields.



Two Sides Silicone Coated Fiberglass

The double sided silicone fabric is based on glass fiber cloth, and then both sides of the glass fiber are coated with silicone. The silicone rubber coating not only increase strength but also provide excellent resistance to heat, chemical, water and abrasion. There are many uses for double sided silicone fabric, such as welding blankets, fire blankets, removable insulation jackets, expansion joint, etc.


Our double sided silicone fabric is made of high quality continuous glass fiber cloth and silicone coating. You can make this silicone cloth into a welding blanket. Silicone fabric is more flexible and cost effective, it has more choice for the coated color also. It can have many color coating options. This fiberglass welding blanket can protects your personnel, equipment and working area while welding. It can provides thermal protection from sparks and spatter very well.Of course, Suntex factory also make fireproof blankets and welding blankets. The main products are flame retardant fiberglass fire blankets, silicone fiberglass fire blankets, acrylic fiberglass welding blankets, Polyurethane coated fiberglass fire blanket, graphite coated fiberglass welding blankets, and high silica fireproof blankets. Suntex can add metal grommets on the welding blanket according to customer needs.