What is aramid fibers ?

January 10, 2022
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Because of its ultra-high-strength, lightweight, insulation, acid, and alkali resistance, #aramid fibers are widely used in wars, such as Kevlar body armor.

Aramid fiber is a new type of high-tech synthetic #fiber with super high strength, high modulus, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, lightweight, #insulation, aging resistance, long life cycle, and other excellent properties.

Aramid fiber has low density, high strength, and good corrosion resistance. It can be used to #manufacture missile rocket engine shells, aircraft and spacecraft fuselages, main wings, tails, and other broadband wave-transmitting materials and structural components that can withstand impact forces. The multi-layer honeycomb structure plate prepared by impregnating aramid cloth with epoxy resin to form aramid prepreg and directly bonding with honeycomb or foam structure has outstanding impact resistance and electromagnetic wave permeability.

Aramid fiber molecules contain a large number of benzene rings, have good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, lightness, and firmness, and can be used to make cables for marine vessels and deep wells. Utilizing the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and fatigue resistance of aramid fiber to make high-grade rackets, fishing rods, sleds, snowboards, ski poles, bows and arrows, rowing boats, golf clubs, etc., it can also be used to make hiking shoes with harsh sports conditions Boots, boxing gloves, racing helmets, racing car bodies, etc. As #asbestos is a serious hazard to the human respiratory tract, aramid can be used instead of asbestos to make reinforced rubber sealing plates and other seals, which are used in automobile brake pads and linings.