Silicone electric heaters are often used to heat in metal.

January 7, 2022
Latest company news about Silicone electric heaters are often used to heat in metal.

Silicone electric heaters are often used to heat in metal. In daily life, they are used to quickly bake food, cook in electric rice cookers, etc.; in production, they are used in the bottom of livestock farm drinking troughs and oil barrels. Heating, flat vulcanizing machines, and other rubber machinery and plastic equipment are used.

Silicone rubber heating film is a flexible electric heating film element assembled with high thermal conductivity insulating silicon rubber, high-temperature resistant glass fiber cloth and metal heating film circuit.

The main features of silicone rubber heater products:

1. The silicone rubber heating plate has good flexibility and can make good contact with the heated object.

2. The silicone rubber heating plate can be made into any shape, including three-dimensional shapes, and various openings can be reserved for easy installation.

3. The silicon rubber heating sheet is light in weight, the thickness can be adjusted in a wide range, the heat capacity is small, and the heating rate can be reached very fast, and the higher temperature control accuracy can be achieved through temperature control.

4. Silicone rubber has good weather resistance and aging resistance. As the surface insulating material of the electric heating sheet, it can effectively prevent the surface of the product from cracking and enhance the mechanical strength.

5. The precise metal electric heating film circuit can further increase the surface power density of the silicon rubber heating element, improve the uniformity of the surface heating power, and prolong the service life.

6. Silicone rubber heating plate has good chemical resistance and can be used in places with harsh environments such as humidity and corrosive gas.

7. Various specifications and sizes can be customized according to actual conditions of use.