What is the specification for the use of welding fire blankets?

January 5, 2022
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What is the specification for the use of welding fire blankets?


Fire blankets are also called welding blankets and welding protective blankets. With the rapid development of the industry, electric welding is an indispensable process. However, fire blankets are needed during electric welding operations to reduce fire accidents caused by welding slag falling.


Welding fireproof blankets are classified according to the base material. Asbestos electric welding fireproof blanket, glass fiber electric welding fireproof blanket, silica electric welding fireproof blanket, carbon fiber fireproof blanket, ceramic fiber electric welding fireproof blanket, and so on.


The characteristics of the electric welding fire blanket: non-combustible, high temperature resistant, soft, smooth, tight, and does not irritate the skin. It is an ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that need to stay away from the heat source, and it is very easy to wrap the uneven surface The object can be reused without damage.


Recommendations for selection of electric welding fire blanket:

1. In order to enhance the protective effect during operation, a multi-layer composite fire blanket should be used

2. The fireproof welding blanket has been treated with different coatings to achieve different usage effects. Such as waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, oil resistance, increase temperature resistance and temperature resistance time, etc. The user should select a suitable fire blanket according to the specific application requirements.

3. For covering objects and equipment, a soft and flexible fire blanket should be selected. If you cover large objects or equipment, you should choose a large fire blanket-covering tarpaulin.

4. Welding blankets with a thickness of less than 0.6mm should be used vertically to avoid sparks from penetrating the welding blanket; for horizontal use, a welding blanket with a thickness greater than 0.6mm should be selected.