What is insulation blanket?What is removable covers?What is pipe insulation?

April 3, 2023
Latest company news about What is insulation blanket?What is removable covers?What is pipe insulation?

What is insulation blanket?
Commonly used as a main performance component in Fire protection, Thermal insulation and Acoustic applications in the Commercial, Industrial, Marine & Offshore segments. It comes in different sizes and form to suit different requirements.

The insulation blankets prevents radiant heat loss and saves energy. It can applied on exposed pipes , valves and equipment prevents unnecessary heat loss and reduce energy cost. Suntex provide high temperature textiles for hot face and cold face, we also can provide some accessories for blankets fabricating

What is removable covers?
Are pre-fabricated covers that is custom made to suit different sizes and shapes of an equipment (valves, pumps, machines, vessels, pipes etc.). It enables easy and direct installation on site with with limited skills requirement.

Suntex provides such customize solution, for fire protection, energy conservations and personal protection against hot or cold injury. The final composite will depends on ultimate desire results of the applications.

Suntex removable covers are especially suitable for areas where equipments requires frequent maintenance. Comparing to traditional jacketing, our covers requires less storage place.

In the above mentioned system, Suntex’s strategic activity lies on manufacturing of the textiles required. As we have a range of fabrics to suit from weather resistance, Low to high temperature, reinforcing with wire to enhance the mechanical strength of the fabric which in return giving the finish product a more durable performance.

What is pipe insulation?
steam pipe are usually wrapped by rockwool blanket to avoid heat loss, the rock wool laminated with Suntex silicone fabric is good option of replace traditional steel material , withstand cold temperature to -50 C , ozone resistance and water proof.

Heat pipe are also wrapped by rockwool pipe in the industrial plant, aluminized fiberglass fabric is good option as the outer cover of the insulation pipe which can reflect the heat and protect the rockwool .
Suntex Composite Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in making safe heat-resistant textiles.