What do you know about Fabric expansion joints?

April 4, 2023
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What do you know about Fabric expansion joints?
Fabric expansion joints are highly flexible connections installed in pipe & ductwork as well as industrial items to compensate for expansion, resulting from heat or misalignment as well as vibrations as a result of mechanical and acoustical movements.

Application Areas of Fabric expansion joints
• Gas turbine plants
• Power plants, boiler or diesel powered plants
• Dust Erection Plants
• Cement Industry
• Chemical & Petrochemical industry
In general, there are three kinds of expansion joints solution offered in the market place and they are, fabric, rubber and metal solutions.

Fabric expansion joints are commonly considered for high temperature requirement and Suntex manufacture a selection of high mechanical strength and high temperature resistance fabrics and yet maintain its flexibility that is suitable for such applications.

Expansion joints ensure an appropriate compensation of thermal and mechanical dilatations of the fumes channels, hot air pipelines and other medium.

Suntex provide variety of high strength rubber coated fabric and high temperature textiles not contain any asbestos and can withstand high temperature up to 1000℃, oil resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance.