How do you prevent fire when welding?

April 6, 2023
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What protection is required for welding?What does welder protection do?
Suntex can provide such fabrics in roll form, customize to standard dimension or prefabricate into different design to suit different needs. This is so due to market complexity that requires from simple vertical, horizontal or machine protection to expectation of creating a HWE to compartment activity to protection of high end equipment such as robots.
In particular, Suntex’s customized solution for robotic application comes with consideration of abrasion and flex resistance as robots are normally stagnant equipments that requires careful consideration from selection of materials (fabric, thread etc) to designs and workmanship.
What do you know about Welding Protection Blanket?
Welding , grinding, cutting , hot works create sparks, splatters, molten slags which cause injuries including burns, damage to workers and environment , Suntex supply various fiberglass fabrics which can be used as welding protection textiles to protect the welder and equipment. The fabric can stand working temperatures ranging from 200 to 1200 degrees.
What do you know about Protective Robot Cover?
The protective robot cover is made to protect the robot from sparks and hot metal spatter as well harmful effect of heat radiation.
Suntex have developed coated aramid cloth for the fabrication of the robot cover, very soft , wonderful folding property.