What material is flexible connection?What is fabric air duct?

April 7, 2023
Latest company news about What material is flexible connection?What is fabric air duct?
From traditional metal ducting to insulation slab ducting, the applications had evolved overtime.Today, to ease fabrication complexity, specification of fibreglass slab system are one of the options that are popularly considered.However, wether traditional or non-metal ducting, insulation are required thus, when insulation are necessary, it cannot be bare and exposed as the fibres will erode overtime. Suntex manufacture a range of fabrics that have to superior performance in abrasion and temperature resistance. Our fabrics do not support fire thus suitable to be used for ventilation in both hazard and non-hazard areas.
What is fabric air duct?
Fabric air duct / textile air distribution system are fabricated using different textiles to transport both cold or hot air and distribute throughout the building.In particular areas like data center, the spec of the fabrics used are higher in expectation and quality of the fabric are more stringent as well. This is so that data center are one of the areas in a building that is more prone to fire Hazard thus requires a fabric that do not support fire and able to withstand high temperature.
Suntex has provide more than million meters special formulated polymer coated fiberglass fabric to be sewn into fabric air duct, with different color., strong, durable and soft. Importantly, our range of fabrics for such applications are tested and complied to A2 certified to EN13501-1 ,achieving S1,d0 classification.
What material is flexible connection?
Fabric flexible connector is designed to isolate equipment noise and vibration from the duct work, it’s widely used in air conditioning system.
The connector is fabricated with fabric to metal joint , Suntex provide special designed fiberglass fabric with silicone , polyurethane and neoprene coating .The fabrics are flame resistance, certified A2 to EN13501-1, M0 NFP701 , waterproof, air tight, high strength.
Suntex Composite Industrial Co., Ltd is specialized in making safe heat-resistant textiles.
Our factory is in Jiangsu, China, which has a strong tradition of textile making combined with an experienced workforce.